Explorer Exillon Energy has reported a new oil find with its East EWS 1 44 oil well in Siberia.

Exillon said its EWS I 44 well which was drilled on the south-eastern leg of its East EWES I field encountered water-free oil which flowed to the surface a the rate of 768 b/d on a restricted choke after drilling into a Jurassic P reservoir at a depth of 1,834 metres (6,015 feet).

Up to 7.3 metres (24 ft) of net oil pay was confirmed inn the Jurassic and another 3.1 metres of oil-water in a transition zone, the company said after the hole was drilled directionally 1.3 kilometres west from a well pad.

Once testing is complete the well will be put on production after the company completed a 39 km (22.5 mile) road from the EWS 1 field to a road last year, allowing production to be carried by trucks out of the region.