Two subsidiaries of British-based Wood Group have won deals to provide technical support to the not-for-profit Marine Well Containment Company in the US Gulf of Mexico related to handling any future blowouts.

Wood Group’s Mustang Engineering in the US has been contracted to provide analysis of drillship processing equipment. Also Mustang  will be involved in modelling of steady-state and transient subsea equipment, plus evaluating hydrate conditions and mitigation. Mustang will also be responsible for developing simulators for process modules on behalf of MWCC.

Wood Group PSN has been selected to provide support for the Marine Well Containment Company while it enhances plans and procedures for its interim well containment system.

Wood Group PSN chief Bob Keiller underlined that the work is part of an industry-wide initiative to develop an “…effective, response containment system” which he said was a key component for safeguarding operations in the US Gulf of Mexico.

MWCC was formed by Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil and Shell, in July last year – just three months after the Macondo oil spill in the US Gulf – to develop a rapid response system for any potential future well blowout in the region. .