Shell’s Norwegian Draugen field is set for a big boost using pumps supplied by recently acquired Schlumberger subsidiary Framo Engineering.

Framo has been selected to supply subsea multiphase booster pumps under a US $100 million deal with field operator Shell as part of an increased oil recovery programme at the field.

Booster pumps will be installed at Draugen at a water depth of 250 metres, and field installation is scheduled for 2014.

Draugen was the location for installation of prototype booster pumps by Framo back in 1994.

Shell was instrumental in early phases of development of Framo’s subsea pump systems, said Ole Stein, managing director of Framo Engineering.

The new system covers a complete subsea pump array, with a pump module and manifold, and the order encompasses topsides power and control modules, plus a power a control umbilical.

Assembly and testing of the new equipment will be carried out at Framo’s new engineering facility at Hosoey, Norway, prior to installation which is scheduled for the summer of 2014.